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syncevolution: The first tool for me to get contacts + events from thunderbird to my Nokia

November 17, 2011

syncevolution synchronizes personal information management (PIM) data via SyncML (among others, see

So it seemed to be the tool of choice for me (my Nokia E66 is a SyncML device). But syncevolution relies on the evolution mail suite.

With a lot of help from syncevolution’s main developer I finally came up with a working configuration which takes contacts and events from files exported by thunderbird and transfers the items to my Nokia. This is one way only, which is no problem for me, as I prefer to change these data in thunderbird.

I wrapped everything up in a little script. You have to have Ubuntu Oneiric to use this. I tried Natty, but this failed due to problems with the evolution-data-server.

See, if you are interested.