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VDR Video Disk Recorder – my way !

June 26, 2017

After more than 11 years of fine service recently the motherboard of my VDR PC failed. This PC had always been running headless (without a screen or keyboard) in my home office attached to  a dedicated DVB-S-LNB and to my LAN. I copied the recorded files  to a USB stick which I then put in my TV downstairs. But now it was broken and no repair possible.

At first I checked the offerings on “Harddisk Recorders”. But after some time I became aware that running these headless might not be a good idea. Though controlling apps are available I could not get as much detailed information as I wanted. So after some seesaw I finally bought a used Lenovo Thinkstation S10. This is a Midi Tower which easily can hold the PCI Technotrend S2300 DVB-S, which I swapped from the broken PC (this is an active card, back in 2005 more costly than the used Thinkstation in 2017).

I have described all the details of installing and configuring the Linux VDR software on Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus and the VDR Manager App on Android here on my webpage