flowblade Movie Editor 1.2.0 on Ubuntu 14.04 Trusty Tahr

Recently I had to create a video. It was the first video in my life and I wanted to do it on Linux. So I tried out some of the recommendations found by googling a minute or two. This is what I got: Programs that got stuck for no obvious reasons, programs aborting with SIGSEGV, programs eating a lot of CPU. Finally I tried flowblade. For me this is stable and responsive. So this could be the beginning of a friendship …

As I said: It was the first video in my life. So I had a bit of a learning curve. I ended up with ca. 90 secs video, containing 5 pictures, 8 video clips and one extra sound track . The change over from one clip to the next is done with a “compositor”. I chose “dissolve” by a “wipe clip”. So far so good but problems started here. This is the structure I ended with:



I’m still wondering if this is a proper solution. What happens if I’ve got 80 clips ?

flowblade’s documentation was not a real help for me. IMHO it’s really terse and it’s perspective is definitely not a dumb users one. Most likely it’s written by a software developer, having in mind data structures and concepts.

But I would like to emphasize: flowblade Movie Editor was really stable and did the job. Thanks a lot Janne + team !

BTW, if you want to see the final video: Model Steam: Smethwick Engine James Watt 1779


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