natty install crashed rendering system unbootable: Using grub-install to make it bootable

Using a dual boot system since years, I always have one partition for my productive system (currently for various reasons still Karmic 9.10) and another partition to test new releases.

Recently I upgraded an Maverick 10.10 to Natty 11.04. All went well. Today I tried to do a fresh install of Natty. This failed twice (ubiquity crashed).

It turned out that the system was no longer bootable (I got a prompt saying grub rescue, neither help nor ? gave me helpful information).

I again started from USB stick, selecting rescue mode. I then mounted my productive root partitition and then issued

grub-install –boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda

On restarting the system I luckily had a proper grub list again. After some strange error messages my productive system booted.

When it was finally up and running, I again ran grub-install, this time using

grub-install /dev/sda

The mentioned strange messages are gone – may be this is a version issue (grub-install in Natty using files from Karmic).

I will retry the Natty installation but in the first place I will make a really fine backup …


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