Use Thunderbird’s addressbook to dial a Phone

Working in my home office a have a phone connected to my laptop. With a self written application I can dial this phone.

With Thunderbird 3 predecessors I used a modified version of the FireFox plugin Fritz!BoxDial to dial the phone.

With Thunderbird 3 this does no longer work.

Recently I read the feature list of the Thunderbird plugin MoreFunctionsforAddressbook see
and I found

option to have phone numbers like “callto” links

It works like a charme ( with TB 3.0.1).

Give it a try !


One Response to “Use Thunderbird’s addressbook to dial a Phone”

  1. linos Says:

    gconftool may be used to configure the callto link very efficiently using a shell (gconf-editor is the corresponding GUI).

    I found e.g.:

    bav@lulu:~$ gconftool -a /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/callto
    command = gnomemeeting -c %s
    needs_terminal = false
    enabled = true

    I changed this to my own script using:

    gconftool –set /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/callto/command –type string ‘/home/bavn/tools/wrap-callto %s’

    Eventually check using:

    gconftool -g /desktop/gnome/url-handlers/callto/command

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