jaunty: Resizing mpg using tcrequant gives bad quality output with lots of artifacts

Running Hardy for a year or so I used tcrequant without any problems. I use the tool to resize mpg files so that they fit onto a dvd. My wife prefers watching our home recorded videos this way …

After upgrading to Jaunty I realized that resized records came with artifacts. It turned out that tcrequant caused it.

In Hardy, I had:

root@jojo:~# /usr/bin/tcrequant -v
tcrequant (transcode v1.0.2) (C) 2003 Antoine Missout

With Jaunty came:

root@jojo:~# /usr/bin/tcrequant -v
tcrequant (transcode v1.0.7) (C) 2003 Antoine Missout

I found no way around and finally ended up with replacing the Jaunty binary by the old Hardy tcrequant binary. Yes – this is ugly …

If you are asking: Why do you use tcrequant anyway ? It’s said to be deprecated in Transcode ! May be – but have you ever compared the run time of avidemux or mencoder with tcrequant ? The latter is far quicker. Obviously quite different algorithms are used. But I’m lucky with the output of tcrequant 1.02 …


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