Karmic: ApacheDirectorStudio no longer usable and Workaround

I used ApacheDirectorStudio with sun-java5 without problems for at least a year. After changing to Karmic I installed sun-java6 and did a short test of ApacheDirectorStudio. I did not notice any problems.

Today I again ran ApacheDirectorStudio and this time I ran into trouble. No error message, but a button simply did not appear to work.

Being in trouble to do the real work done, I rebooted into my old Intrepid and did what had to be done.

Now I got a second to analyse the problem and finally found an hint on the Download page of ApacheDirectorStudio



and then start ApacheDirectorStudio. Now the application works as expected. So the rootcause was not java6 vs. java5, but Gnome !


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