Karmic: Keyring + Figaro’s Password Manager 2 fpm2

IMHO gnome-keyring has all components for a password manager application. But AFAIK there is no such application using libgnome-keyring0 and gnome-keyring.

But I can’t live without. So I recently checked the Karmic repositories for suitable applications and finally decided to give fpm2 Figaro’s Password Manager 2 a try.

Since then I use fpm2 on a regular basis. It’s fast, it’s straightforward and there are some features I really like.

For each entry you can define a so called Starter-Application. If e.g. you want to put your Launchpad-account into fpm2, you would add https://launchpad.net/ as URL and Web as starter-app. BTW, the default gnome-moz-remote does not really make sense in Ubuntu, because this command is unknown. Simply change the Web starter to

/usr/bin/firefox $a

Click on User and the defined username will be inserted into the cut buffer. Paste it into the webform. Same procedure for password and you’re done.


One Response to “Karmic: Keyring + Figaro’s Password Manager 2 fpm2”

  1. Als Says:

    Thanks for choosing FPM2 as your password manager and you like it 🙂

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