Emacs on a 1680×1050 display

Emacs is still my favorite editor. So I installed emacs22-gtk and as always it came up really ugly. The default font and window size are not appropriate for people of my age. For quite a couple of years I have been fine with

Emacs.font: -misc-fixed-medium-r-normal--20-200-75-75-c-100-iso8859-15

in my .Xdefaults. With the new display at 1680×1050 pixels and a resolution of 133×133 dots per inch this is far too small for my eyes. So again I started Googling. Soon I found hints, that there is a package emacs-snapshot which is able to use xft-fonts. But it didn’t work. I simply had

lulu:/home/bavn> cat .Xdefaults
Emacs.font: Monospace-13

and I did

lulu:/home/bavn> xrdb -merge .Xdefaults

but it didn’t work. At this time I had the Hardy emacs package emacs22-gtk I started with and the new package emacs-snapshot installed. I purged emacs22-gtk and then Emacs came up with Monospace. WoW !

One last step was missing. I had to call xrdb on the command line. Finally I found that having

lulu:/home/bavn> cat .Xresources
Emacs.font: Monospace-13

solved this last issue. Emacs now works with a nice font on my new Lifebook.



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