Gutsy completely unusable for me: Hard freeze


running Feisty quite happily, I installed Gutsy on my laptop on a separate partition ( I use the laptop all the time and can take not risks here).

As always, the first thing I tested was Suspend to disk. It did not work (screen went black in a second. I had to switch off power finally). I then decided to take a deeper look later. When I clicked reboot, again: Screen black. I had to switch off.

Today I found time to test again. At first, I updated the box. Then I started testing. I soon found, that simply logging off sometimes made the box freeze. I logged in via ssh to get more information, but as the ssh session also froze, I decided to start netconsole to get any kernel messages. I activated magic key and then switched from X to console, as I wanted to play with Alt-SysRq.

Oops: The box immediately froze !!!

Luckily this sems to be reproducable, so I filed a bug:


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