Using DSL with pppd and pppoe in Feisty with suspend and resume


the other day I set up a Feisty box directly connected to a DSL modem. So I had to use pppd and pppoe. The setup utility pppoeconf was already on the system (in /usr/sbin), but the package pppoe was missing (does that make sense: pppoeconf without pppoe ???). I installed pppoe and ran pppoeconf.

A minute later I was online.

After rebooting I was online again. But after suspending the box to disk and resuming there was pppd still kind of running – but useless. IMHO this is ok.

But the user expects to be online again of course.

This is what I did:

lulu:/etc/acpi/suspend.d> cat


lulu:/etc/acpi/resume.d> cat

I intended to terminate pppd via poff when suspending and start a fresh pppd when resuming was nearly finished.

This did not really work. I found an error message telling me that the interface was not up. So I added

ifconfig eth0 up

to the script. I thought I was done now, but at least occasionally the link was not up when I started to access the net.


lulu:/etc/acpi/resume.d> cat
ifconfig eth0 up
sleep 2
sleep 2

this works now fine.


sudo netstat -nlp --inet

I finally closed all ports. (System | Services).



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